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Feedback Needed on Light Rail Expansion

The City continues to partner with Sound Transit as it extends light rail to West Seattle and Ballard. Learn more about the our role to support the project on the City’s new light rail webpage.

Light rail expansion remains the largest public construction project currently underway in our city. Service is scheduled to begin to West Seattle in 2030 and Ballard in 2035. The project includes up to 14 light rail station areas, and will feature a tunnel under Downtown and two major water crossings. It’s also our opportunity to plan for more housing, jobs, and other amenities close to excellent transit.

Along with new light rail service, we want to work with you to plan walking, biking, and bus improvements to help you get to stations. And we want your input on the investments necessary to support affordable, livable neighborhoods around new stations.

Please give us your feedback on the guiding principles that will shape the City’s work by taking our online survey. The City’s commitment to race and social justice means that we will pay special attention to the perspectives of communities of color who often bear the burden of large infrastructure projects.

And stay tuned for more updates by signing up for our new light rail newsletter. As soon as details are available, we will share information on upcoming community workshops that will give you an opportunity to learn more and provide feedback. Sound Transit continues to prepare a detailed environmental analysis of the project that will be available for your review and comments in 2021.

The City continues to ensure downtown mobility and respond to other major transportation challenges, including the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure. As we move forward, the City will evaluate the impacts and risks associated with our shared public health crisis. We are committed to clear communication and transparency. And we will continue to partner with Sound Transit to improve infrastructure and support our collective vision for Seattle’s future.