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VIDEO: October 17 Comprehensive Plan Amendments / ADU EIS Scoping Open House

In case you missed our Comprehensive Plan Amendments/ADU EIS Scoping open house last week, watch our presentation on the Seattle Channel:

Topics discussed:

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments – The City of Seattle is working to ensure that the language in existing Neighborhood Plans is consistent with the 2016 Comprehensive Plan and Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA), a proposed policy that would require developers to contribute to affordable housing. You will have a chance to review Neighborhood Plan language and help choose new language that is consistent with the City’s updated vision and plan. Neighborhoods involved: Morgan Junction, North Rainier / Mt. Baker, West Seattle Junction, Westwood / Highland Park.
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) – The City of Seattle is asking for ideas on what Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that will study the effects of removing barriers to creating accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and backyard cottages. An ADU is a secondary unit inside, attached to, or in the backyard of your home. We want to help you understand the purpose and process of the EIS and find out what is important to you.
    Neighborhoods involved: CITYWIDE.