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Introducing the One Seattle Plan Engagement Hub!

We are excited to launch our One Seattle Plan Engagement Hub as part of our engagement process for the Comprehensive Plan Update!

This platform is our central hub for virtual engagement for the One Seattle Plan, which will guide the future of housing, jobs, and community investments in our city. The Engagement Hub is designed to increase access to information and online engagement opportunities as we seek to lower barriers to participation for many communities. It’s a place to learn, comment, and connect with neighbors and the city to share your vision for Seattle.

Visit the One Seattle Plan Engagement Hub Now!

The Engagement Hub will also allow us to incorporate greater transparency and accountability into the engagement process, to showcase what we have heard, and share how your feedback is incorporated into the policies of the Draft Plan, and ultimately the Final Plan.

The Engagement Hub currently features a series of Issue Briefs on some of the major elements of the One Seattle Plan; a narrated slideshow that provides an overview of the One Seattle Plan (“Comprehensive Plan 101”), and our first public survey.  Finally, we’ve created a section dedicated to collecting general feedback about the One Seattle Plan, where users can share their hopes, needs, and visions for how the Comprehensive Plan Update should shape our city. Coming soon are a variety of exciting additional engagement tools ranging from interactive mapping exercises, workshops, an events calendar, quick polls, periodic engagement report outs, and more!

All elements of the Engagement Hub are interactive. Users can comment, discuss, and vote on user comments and suggestions; full site translations have also been integrated into the Hub. The interactive design of this platform is meant to be conversational. This aligns with the fact that the issues and elements of the Comprehensive Plan are topics of everyday conversation for people that live in or around Seattle. One of the goals of this platform is to encourage, listen to, and join that ongoing discussion, and to help weave these conversations into a larger story about our collective vision for Seattle.

Sign up on the Engagement Hub today to join that conversation, and to share this resource with friends, family, neighbors, and larger community.

Visit the One Seattle Plan Engagement Hub Now!